Laneway Homes

Is My Lot Eligible

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Laneway houses are allowed on lots in all RS single family zones, RT-11/11N, RM7/7N, RM-8/8N, RM-9/9N and RM-9A/9AN which are shaded on the map below. The Development and Building Services Centre (604.873.7611) can help you determine whether your lot is zoned for laneway housing. You can also access our web-based application, VanMap ( pubvanmap_net/default.aspx), and turn on the Zoning Districts and the Zoning District labels under the Districts and Areas category to determine the zoning for your property

Why laneway housing?

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Vancouver residents gave many reasons for wanting laneway housing: to provide housing for a variety of users, such as aging family members, adult children, caregivers, and homeowners wishing to downsize. to provide more choice of housing type in single-family residential neighbourhoods. to contribute to the rental housing stock in the city. to support sustainability by providing more opportunities for people to live in the city close to jobs, services, and transit

What is a laneway house?

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A laneway house is a small house at the rear of a lot near the lane and includes both a dwelling unit and parking/accessory uses.

Laneway housing is allowed in all RS single family zones, RT-11/11N, RM7/7N, RM-8/8N, RM-9/9N and RM9A/9AN (see map on page 9).

A laneway house can be permitted in addition to a secondary suite in the main house.

A laneway house can be for family use or rental; strata-titling is not permitted.

Laneway housing principles

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The following principles underlie laneway housing regulations and guidelines:


Laneway houses provide new housing choices for family members or renters in single family residential areas.


Homeowners are able to add a laneway house while keeping their existing home, or build a laneway house along with a new main house.


Regulations and design guidelines ensure that laneway houses:

• maintain backyard open space.

• encourage one storey laneway houses to limit impact on neighbours.

• provide for a variety of unit types.


Laneway housing makes lanes greener, more livable, and safer by providing living space, parking, and planting in the lane. GREEN DESIGN Laneway houses comply with the Green Homes Program, as adapted for its small size.